Aktivite Detayı
Alan: Genel
Şehir/Ülke: İstanbul
Tarih: 13.05.2009
Bitiş Tarihi: -
Duyuru: Alexander Borovik – University of Manchester, Bilgi Üniversitesi Eternity Forever, or Social Life of Infinity: from Mathematics to Mass Culture My curiosity about possible psychophysiological roots of the so-called "mathematical intuition" led me to look into the role of some key mathematical concepts in the mass culture. Infinity happened to be one of the most paradoxical and bizarre cases; in the mass culture, it firmly belongs to the realm of the most unhinged Kitsch. Correspondingly, my talk can perhaps be classified as a culturological overview of Kitsch and its place in the mass culture, as seen by a sceptical working mathematician. And I will show a lot of exceptionally cute pictures!
Web Adresi: http://www.math.boun.edu.tr/images/seminar_event/semmath.htm